We’re looking for Green Thumbs to be our next Guest Blogger!

  • Are you a GUY with an avid interest in PLANTS?
  • Have you got something you’d like to show/teach/demonstrate or explain?
  • You can do this as a written tutorial, photographic essay, or even as a short video.

  • Take us on a tour of your plant collection.
  • Show us a tricky way you developed to make your plants thrive.
  • Which plant in your collection is the most special to you and why.
  • Tell us about where you got your rarest plant...
We're open to any and all planty ideas!
  • To get involved, CONTACT US with the subject 'I'm a Green Thumb!' and let us know what you have in mind!

Have a look at some of our previous Guest Bloggers:

Green Thumbs

  • Plant tips
    If you're reading this, you and your plants survived the worst of the winter, have thrived in the spring, and are ready for the most fabulous season of the year: SUMMER!
  • Plant Photography
    Six tips for getting the most out of your smart phone camera when composing a great plant picture for social media.
  • Calathea
    "Every single species of Calathea has different shapes, patterns and colors, so when I have one, I want another one."

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