08. Wan

08. Wan

“My favourite plant is an Olive Tree because it reminds me of home in Provence.”


   Erwan “Wan” Ching, 32, French

  Bangkok, Thailand

  Wan is based in Bangkok but, as a Quality Control Manager in the vegetable seeds industry, he travels almost every other week. He has to match his watering schedule to fit in with when he’s away. Luckily he lives in a warm climate where the drying cycle is fast so when he’s home he just waters following the plants needs and on the day of his departure does one big water.

Wan likes so style his plants mainly in baskets from the South East Asian countryside because it matches his home decoration and doesn’t overpass the beauty of his plants. He recently started writing about his plants, travels and the way he develops his interior on his blog: wanpotwanplant.com

Wan says: “Be attentive to the signals the plant is sending. Most of the time when a plant is unhappy it shows its unhappiness. Lack of water, lack of nutrients, lack of light and their opposites, each have a different biological response.”

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