How do you choose the boys to feature?

We find the images when instagrammers use the hashtag #boyswithplants, tag their images with @boyswithplants or DM images directly to us.

We try to show a variety of guys from all over the world of every background. Loving plants is truly a universal experience and brings us all together! We also choose a variety of contexts: Boys in their plant-filled homes, in greenhouses and gardens, in forests and jungles, etc and with a variety of different types of plants.

With this in mind, there is the occasional exception but generally, here are some tips:

  • We look for beautiful quality, sharp and in-focus images
  • The image must feature both boys and plants
  • Plants should take up more than 50% of the image
  • Plants should be the focus and should be clearly defined and easily identifiable
  • Full colour
  • No obvious filters (a slight colour correction or touch up is ok)
  • No white borders
  • We don’t post pictures of children or anyone we think looks under 16
  • We try not to post the same guy more than once a month
  • If we can see the camera or it looks like you’re holding the camera, we very unlikely to choose the image (so, set up a timer or ask a friend to take the pic)
  • We can’t see private accounts so unlock your account or DM us
  • We only post original images, nothing regrammed.


We’re always looking for something exceptional! We get 50+ submissions daily and many of them are perfect for the page but we can’t post them all — we’re looking for images with that extra something something.


Cover picture: @mihalisnyc