13. Thomas

13. Thomas

“Naming your plants is totally normal, by the way.”


  Thomas Engstrom, 31, American

  Los Angeles, CA, USA

   Thomas is an influencer, works in marketing and loves his two staghorn ferns. They hang on the wall so in addition to being a plant, they’re also a piece of art. He gives them a bath in the sink every other week and recommends spritzing the fronds with water every few days. Part of what he loves about them is how these plants grow on the sides of trees and rocks in nature.

His apartment is fairly monochromatic with lots of greys, whites and blacks, Thomas says. He loves utilizing plants as a “pop of colors.” Scandinavian decor is everything to him which he tries to emulate in his space.

“Put on jazz, find a good book, light a few candles, pour a glass of wine – you’ll never want to leave.”

Thomas says: “Don’t be afraid to try new plants and fill your home with them. I used to kill every plant I purchased. But the more you surround yourself with plants, the more aware you become of what fares well, how to care for certain species.”

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