65. Lefteris

65. Lefteris

“Entering my jungle-flat feels like entering a sanctuary; a shelter with all the essential green vibes you need to relax and re-bond with nature!”


Lefteris Anestis, 25, Greek

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

PhD Candidate

Favourites: Apart from the Monstera and Pilea which are everyone’s favourite because they are so fun to grow, my new favourite plant is the Strelitzia nicolai (Giant Bird of Paradise) because it’s such a statement plant that gives my flat an ultra-tropical, jungle look.


Pilea gift

Pilea gift

How I became the owner of a ten-year-old Pilea!

Life is full of interesting stories, one of them happened to me recently.

It was by coincidence that I visited a house of my grandmas old friend, Greti. She is a lovely elderly (85) lady who taught me how to knit. It was quite some time since my last visit, she was very happy to see me. (more…)