Will it arrive by Christmas?

Will it arrive by Christmas?


As most of you know, I’m based in Perth, Western Australia, which means it can take more time than what you might expect when products are posted from here. However many of our products are ‘print-on-demand’ meaning that they are sent to production when purchased and sent from the country they’re produced in.

I’ve tried to give you a pretty good indication of how long our products will take to be delivered, below, but please be aware that all times are estimates only and there is no guarantee that they’ll arrive within the times indicated. Covid is real and disruption to postal services can easily happen without notice.

The following table is a guide to how long our products may take to arrive to different locations. Please note, each country in Asia, South America and Africa have different delivery times so please contact us for more information.

Alternatively, can I suggest a Digital Magazine, Magazine Print Subscription or a Gift Card?


Delivery Estimates

Print Magazines3-4 wks3-4 wks5-6 wks1-2 wks
Mugs3-4 wks2-3 wks3-4 wks4-5 wks
Tees2-3 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks
Art Prints2-3 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks
Underwear3-4 wks3-4 wks5-6 wks3-4 wks
Totes2-3 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks
Hats2-3 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks
Clocks2-3 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks
Pin3-4 wks3-4 wks5-6 wks1-2 wks
Sticker3-4 wks3-4 wks5-6 wks1-2 wks

* These times are correct for France, Belgium, Sweden however some European countries may differ so please contact us if unsure.

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