So you want to appear on Boys with Plants?

Instagram made changes to their algorithm that make some posts that use our hashtag #boyswithplants not show up. (Come on Insta, we love you but you’re not making it easy for us!)

This means we don’t always see your submissions so we thought we would take this opportunity to streamline our submission process and make the whole thing a little easier.



Your post must include:

  • One or more male-identifying human(s) who look over 16
  • Real plants that cover more than 50% of the image.

Please check out our TIPS to see what else we prefer.

If Boys with Plants have already ❤️ LIKED your post there’s no need to submit it. We’ve seen it.



Public Profiles

Tag your post with @boyswithplants:

1. When submitting a New Post, click Tag People.

2. Search for ‘boys with plants’ and choose it.

3. Tap on the photo to tag us. You’re done!


Direct message (DM) us a link to your post using the little arrow under your post.



Private Profiles / Pics you haven’t posted
  • If you’ve publicly posted your pic, see above.
DM us your pic by attaching it with the little landscape icon on the right, NOT the blue camera. (This is temporary and the pic disappears once we’ve seen it.)



…and many of them are perfect for our page. We have over 300 already flagged to potentially post and get new amazing pics daily, more than we will ever be able to post.

First, thank you so much – every submission is greatly appreciated!

Second, we can’t submit them all.

If you’ve submitted a pic and you would like to know why we didn’t post it, you’re welcome to DM us and ask. But if the answer is, “it just isn’t as good as the pics we already have saved,” please don’t be offended. Perhaps have another look at the TIPS and we hope you’ll try again.