Inside Front Cover Left Ad



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The Premium Inside Front Cover Left Ad is the third most visible ad in the magazine. For the digital edition all ads are brought forward and placed in order of value after the cover page.

Artwork for adverts going into Issue 05 – Summer 2021 are due on May 14, 2021.

Full-page ads may also be available.

All ads are full-page. They are 8.27 inches wide x 5.82 inches high + 0.2 inches bleed with a safe area 7.48 x 5.2 inches.



  • With every full-page and premium ad we will include your business in a story on our instagram page for 24hrs with a link. The story will go live in the first month after the publication and include a thank you from us for the support.
  • You will be included on our Sponsors page with a link to your website.

If you would like us to design the ad for you, please let us know.