Boys with Plants Magazine 02 – DIGITAL


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Download and read instantly!

Boys with Plants Magazine is an independent, quarterly publication featuring guys from the Boys with Plants Community. It’s also available in print.

The digital edition of Boys with Plants Magazine – Issue o2 is available right now!

Issue 02 is now a cheaper price with even more pages! (Thanks to our sponsors!!!)

Issue 02 has feature articles including:

  • The Fame Monstera
  • Painting Pots
  • Passing the Green Torch
  • Nepenthes
  • Front line plant daddy
  • Small space plant styling
  • Plant Parenthood with Plant Daddy Podcast
  • Plants, porn and purpose

Be warned, there’s a sealed gallery in the back called “Too hot for the ‘gram” where you’ll see some of your favourite plant boys like you’ve never seen them before. (ALL of them…)

WARNING: Contains artistic frontal male nudity.

The magazine reflects an international, multi-ethnic perspective with a variety of body-types and expressions of gender. There is also a gallery of guys with Monstera, we give you a routine to do a socially-distant work-out in the forest plus so much more.

The digital edition has been optimised for the best digital reading experience and includes live links and easy navigation. Although it looks good on a smartphone, it looks AMAZING on a larger screen such as a tablet, laptop or desktop.

If you have any technical issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.