2021 Wall Calendar



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We’re sorry the postage is SO expensive.

We didn’t intend to make this available from our online store because it was available in many online stores around the world and is so expensive to post from Perth, Western Australia… but since it’s sold out everywhere else we thought we would give you an opportunity to buy it from us.

The calendar will also take one month to six weeks to arrive due to the pandemic and limited air travel.

The price for express delivery is about twice as much but if you would like an estimate, please contact us.

Each month of the year, enjoy a stylish and succulent selection of lush plants — and the dreamy dudes who tend to them.

  • Whether you dabble in indoor gardening or appreciate good-looking men (or know someone who does), this calendar is sure to delight.
  • 12 x 12 inches; the perfect size for easy hanging on any wall or over your desk.
  • Full-color, great quality photography throughout and printed on FSC-certified paper.
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