Triple J

Gen talks to Veronica and Lewis about plants.

2.45pm January 9, 2019


Gen Fricker: My housemate gave me a houseplant for Christmas which was really nice because I’m very bad at keeping things alive, plants-wise, and I was like, “I’m going to nurture and love this plant.”

I watered it and put it outside and I went out and then she came home and she was like, “You’ve killed your plant. It’s an indoor plant and you’ve actually done the one thing that was not meant to happen!”

It had scorch marks everywhere and I was telling my other friend about it and I was like, “oh I’ve just killed my plant, well, I just got it,” and she’s like, “you know my friend Alex just had a baby?”

Anyway so… I was just like… it was hectic.

Veronica Milsom: Yeah, I always see at bookstores people sell entire books about how to keep a plant alive and I was like, errr so lame… but hold on a second, I’ll just flip through it… this could be useful information.

Lewis Hobba: Yeah, I’m so bad at plants that my cousins actually gave me a book called Boys with Plants just as a neg, for Christmas…

Gen Fricker: Is it just pictures?

Lewis Hobba: It’s an Instagram account of handsome boys holding their plants or in their room full of plants and I just go home and I have a bunch of pots with dead sticks sticking out of it.

Gen Fricker: That’s coooool…

Veronica Milsom: Can you please do an Instagram post of yourself as a hot boy with plants?

Gen Fricker: Boys with sticks!

Lewis Hobba: Boys with sticks, yeah, ok, I’ll do that when I get home.