Episode 83: Scott Cain of @BoysWithPlants and @Tropicaloco

Jane Perrone
February 9, 2019

Scott Cain and I have a lot in common: we both got into houseplants as children, and we both wrecked floors with spilled compost, and as adults, our love for plants has only grown deeper.

The difference is that he lives in Perth, Australia, a climate very suited to growing the tropical plants he loves, whereas I have to struggle along in the more temperate climate of the UK! (I am not bitter, honest!)

When Scott moved into his apartment 11 years ago, he began filling it with tropical plants of every shape, size and texture. That spawned the Instagram account @tropicaloco, where he documents his progress and shares gorgeous images of Monsteras, ferns, Agaves and more.

That account has been eclipsed (in sheer numbers of followers anyway) by @boyswithplants, Scott’s other account that profiles, you guessed it, boys with plants. 107,000 followers is no mean feat, and not surprisingly, a website and a book has followed. Boys With Plants celebrates men and the plants they love: you’ll find chaps of every type here, all united in their love for leafy things.