Millennial #PlantDaddies Are Making Horticulture Hot—And Manly

Hussein Kesvani
September 16, 2018

In a greenhouse in Istanbul, Tayfun, a young Turkish man with a shaved head and a thick, black beard, sits shirtless in the sun, casually admiring a fan palm tree. Meanwhile in Bangkok, Takoyakrit, a male model, stands among bright green barringtonia flowers, showing off his pec, chiseled abs and bedhead. The images are tagged #plantdaddy, and underneath commenters share adoring sentiments — e.g., “You are a HOT and PERFECT guy” and “pure #plantporn.”

This is a mere snapshot of the hundreds of pictures collected on the instagram account Boyswithplants, showing men from all over the world posing with their plants. And while their facial expressions may be coy, the account’s prevailing sentiment is cystal clear: Plants are hot, and the guys who take care of them are even hotter.

Since launching in 2016, Boyswithplants has accumulated a near six-figure following. The page’s founder, Australia-based Scott Cain, says he now receives more than 50 submissions every day from guys all over the world who legitimately love and care for plants. In fact, the account has become such a phenomenon that next month, it’ll be releasing its first book, Boys with Plants: 50 Plants and the Boys Who Love Them.

Speaking over email, Cain explains that the project began as a private chat with friends where they’d share pictures of handsome men with plants. He attributes its growth to “a broader trend for houseplants which men are also participating in.” And while planting might still be considered a “feminine activity,” he says that 45 percent of the account’s traffic is from guys, many of whom are plant enthusiasts. “Planting definitely isn’t exclusive to men, but I do think that men are more open, now, to enjoy what they enjoy rather than what might previously have been considered a feminine trait.”