Are Boys With Plants the New “Hot Men Reading”?

Greenery has never looked better.

Gabrielle Savoie
April 18, 2019

Remember the hype around the popular @hotdudesreading Instagram? For a while, it seemed like every man on the subway was enthralled in a novel—on purpose, perhaps? Well, it’s now 2019, and the new equivalent to cute guys with books (or firemen with puppies, babies, or kittens) is @boyswithplants, and the timing couldn’t be better. The current frenzy surrounding leafy monsteras, towering birds of paradise, and trailing pothos plants makes this account ripe for virality.

After all, who better to provide plantcare tips than beautiful men with particularly seasoned green thumbs? That was graphic designer Scott Cain’s exact thought when he launched the popular Instagram in 2016. Now, three years, 2,361 posts, and 125,000 followers later, the project is taking on new life as an eponymous pocket-size coffee table book. In it, 50 men from around the world provide insight into their own plant collections and how they learned to care for them.

“I was amazed at how popular these photos became, and through the account, I met a community of plant lovers, including James [Ip] from Singapore,” writes Cain. “James and I started discussing our plant finds, how much sunlight a Pilea needs, and which pot best goes with which plant.”

Here, five of the men featured in the book share their best plantcare tips.