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“Boys with Plants” Will Seriously Spruce Up Your Instagram Feed

Elizabeth Entenman
April 19, 2019

Instagram is one of our favorite places to find home inspiration—specifically, houseplant inspiration. From easy-to-care-for hanging plants to surprisingly affordable fiddle leaf figs, there’s no shortage of greenery on the ‘gram. But there’s one houseplant account you’re probably not following that you absolutely should be: Boys with Plants.

Boys with Plants is exactly what it sounds like: a feed of attractive men posing with their houseplants. The account, a collection of photo submissions, takes leafy monsteras, sweet succulents, and adorable air plants to the next level. Sometimes the men highlight just one plant or a single leaf, and other times they pose with an entire wall of cacti. Often, they’re shirtless.

Boys with Plants isn’t new, but it’s gained a (rightful) surge of attention lately. Self-proclaimed “proud plant nerd” Scott Cain started the account in the fall of 2016 to share his love of houseplants. It’s since gained over 125,000 followers. He released “Boys with Plants: 50 Boys and the Plants They Love,” a coffee table book version of the account, in March 2019.

Yes, the boys are nice to look at. But the plants are the real heroes of these photos. The best part about Boys with Plants is that it’s educational. Often, users exchange houseplant care tips in the comments. And every post includes the names of the featured plants so you can buy one for yourself. Because there’s truly nothing worse than scrolling through Instagram, falling in love with a mysterious plant, and not being able to find out what kind it is.

They may even include the plant’s given name. Everybody names their plants, right?

The people have spoken: They love looking at men posing with things. Hot Dudes With Dogs has almost 500,000 followers, while Hot Dudes Reading has over a million. Boys with Plants officially makes it a trifecta.

If you’d like more boys and more plants in your Insta feed, follow Boys with Plants ASAP. It can be slightly NSFW on occasion, but sometimes, you just need to start your day with a fiddle leaf fig artfully placed next to a bare buttock.