6 Guys With Great Big Green Thumbs

Christopher Harrity
March 22, 2019

Feeling light headed? It’s the abundance of oxygen in the room. Read about ‘Boys With Plants’ below.

Based on the eponymous and blooming Instagram account, Boys with Plants is a fun and lush celebration of the dreamiest dudes with the greenest thumbs.

This collection showcases a wide array of beautiful plants and luscious flora, along with 50 men from around the world who love and care for them.

Luxurious full-color spreads provide indoor and outdoor home and garden inspiration paired with tips on how to select, grow, and style plants, plus a short bio of each boy.

Boys with Plants, from Chronicle Books, will leave readers desiring a gorgeous urban jungle of their own (and maybe a handsome fellow to tend to it).

The book is curated by Scott Cain and available on Amazon.