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Instagram account Boys with Plants is the inspiration you need to go green

Making gardening look hot one photo at a time!

Kaushani Banerjee
September 18, 2017

Started in October 2016, Boys with Plants is a popular plant-based Instagram account that is rapidly gaining popularity with more than 32k followers. By merging two of the most Instagrammable trends — plants and cute boys — the account has hit a soft spot among social media users. If you’ve been trying to go more green — plant trees, keep house plants — this might be the inspiration you need.

The account boasts of guys of all ages, from all ethnic backgrounds clicked around plants. While some of the pictures are a bit risque, most are simply men posing with plants or doing some gardening, or just being themselves amidst nature. That’s pretty much it.

The pictures are selected from submissions made through the hashtag #boyswithplants. The plants in display are also varied. From tropical plants to succulents, house plants to wild flowers, everything has been captured in the photos.

What’s really interesting is that the men are rarely the subject of the photos. If you notice carefully, they are secondary to the frame. It’s the plants that are getting all the attention. So, this isn’t just another platform for showing off sculpted torsos and/or chiselled shoulders. It’s all about going green!

Cosmopolitan France

Cosmopolitan France

Ce compte Instagram va vous donner envie de vous mettre au jardinage

Laetitia Reboulleau
September 18, 2017

Avis à celles qui ont la main verte, aux amoureuses des plantes, mais aussi à celles qui apprécient de regarder de beaux garçons ! Ce compte Instagram devrait vous plaire…

Il existe deux catégories de personnes sur Terre. Celles qui sont incapables de prendre soin d’une plante verte (quoi que vous fassiez, elle finit toujours par faner), et ceux qui ont la main verte. Les hommes présentés sur le compte Instagram Boys With Plants font définitivement partie de la seconde catégorie.

Des beaux gosses passionnés de jardinage

Les comptes mettant en scène de beaux garçons ne sont pas rares sur le net. Des beaux gosses et des donuts, des beaux gosses sous la douche, etc etc. Mais le compte Boys With Plants est un peu différent. Ici, l’objectif n’est pas nécessairement de mettre en avant les corps masculins. Les vraies stars sont les plantes !

Si l’on retrouve bien sûr quelques photos dénudées, l’humour est principalement de mise. Ainsi, sur certains clichés, il faut jouer à “Où est Charlie”, pour retrouver l’un de ces messieurs caché au milieu de plantes luxuriantes. Les visages, les corps sont masqués par des feuilles vertes !

Des beaux gosses et des plantes, l’inspiration déco

Oubliez Pinterest pour vos idées déco. Ce compte est un véritable puit d’inspiration ! Et ce, que ce soit pour un grand jardin, un petit balcon ou un appartement. Ces petits génies du jardinage ont des astuces pour incorporer des plantes de tous les côtés, du sol au plafond en passant par les murs. De quoi nous donner envie de voir la vie en vert !

Pas étonnant que le compte Boys With Plants possède désormais plus de 32 000 abonnés !

Metro UK

Metro UK

Boys With Plants is the most inspiration gardening Instagram account ever

Miranda Larbi
September 17, 2017

Once associated with retirees with nothing better to do, gardening has become chic.

Everyone’s got a cactus or succulent on their desk. Everyone’s turned their bathroom into some kind of green house. We’re all trying to buy up allotments like we’re living The Good Life.

And Instagram is a veritable hotbed of urban gardening inspo. #plantgang, #urbanjungle, #houseplantclub are just a few of the plant hashtags available – each boasting hundreds of thousands of posts. Whether it’s an act of mindfulness or a way of having some control over our miserable rented spaces, gardening has become a millennial past time.

Take the account Boys With Plants, for example. It’s got 32.6k followers who lap up picture after picture of beautiful succulents, sunflowers, house plants and dahlias…and dudes.

In what is perhaps the best combination of interests, the account receives submissions from thousands of guys wanting to be featured. But this isn’t just a platform of showing off sculpted torsos and beautifully chiseled cheekbones. The account chooses pictures where the plants are the focus. They rarely accept pictures from men standing in front of the plants.

And they aim to include dudes of all ages, from all ethnic backgrounds. Because the realest guys are green fingered. Need we say any more?



Yes, Instagram Plant Porn Is A Thing Now

Natalie Gontcharova
September 8, 2017

Houseplants are surprisingly not on the long list of things millennials seem to have “killed,” at least not according to several recently published trend pieces that feature young people who’ve turned their apartments into Instagrammable #urbanjungles.

That’s right: Instagram plant porn is the latest thing soothing us and shielding us from the cold, cruel world. Accounts like @BoyswithPlants, full of hashtags like #monsteramonday and #plantgang, are the new “hot guys reading.”



Instagrammer of the Week: Boys with Plants

August 16, 2017

Proving that often it’s the simple ideas that are best, today’s Instagrammer of the Week doesn’t require much introduction. Suffice to say that Boys with Plants very much does what it says on the tin, and we are thoroughly hooked on our new daily dose of botanical eye-candy (those handsome fellas don’t go amiss either).

We have to ask, how did the idea for Boys With Plants come about?

I have another all original photos, a plants-only account on Instagram (with 35k+ followers!) and I’ve made some great ‘plant friends’ through Insta. My friend and I used to send pictures of guys with plants between ourselves, and we thought others might like them too so we came up with the idea of creating a dedicated account.

We understand your photos are user-generated; where do your #boyswithplants hashtags come from?

We get between 6-12 direct messages daily on Insta with images our followers think would suit the account, sometimes of themselves, sometimes of others. Plus people use the tag #boyswithplants (its numbering 4,800+ and was at about 15 when I started the account less than a year ago.)

Tell us about your experience with Instagram…

Boys with Plants started less than a year ago, in October 2016, and it’s been exciting seeing it grow and getting so much amazing feedback. We regularly see ‘This is my fav account’ or ‘@____ you have to follow this account, this is so you!’

As we’ve gone along the technology behind Insta has made it easier too. Firstly, being able to flag images to save for later and now sort them into different collections has made saving great quality images and choosing which one to post next so much easier.

What is your approach to posting images?

We choose pics where the plants are the focus and preferably some sort of interaction with boy and plant (not just guy in front of plants – we get a LOT of these) and also minimal/no filters or borders used. There are some exceptions but this is usually what we go for. We also look for guys of all ages, from all ethnic backgrounds – we try to be very inclusive.

Who do you most admire?

Some Boys with Plants all-stars include @articgardener, @jagnet, @satie-san, @upleafting, @hiltoncarter, @savereign and @jamesipy. Of course, I have to give a shout-out to the provider of our icon, @vaguesouvenir which is the perfect combo of a minimalist plant, handsome boy and everyone’s fave plant, Monstera!

Brit + Co

Brit + Co

Boys With Plants Is Our New Favorite Instagram Account

Megan Parry
January 17, 2017

Just like meditation and sweet potato recipes, indoor plants are having a major moment. Whether it’s low maintenance plants you have to try to kill, cleaning houseplants that purify the air or simply pretty leafy things in pots, greenery quite literally gives your space life. Which is half of why we are so totally obsessed with the relatively new Instagram account Boys With Plants: If there’s one thing we love more than cool houseplants, it’s cute boys. We chatted with the founder about his increasingly popular page — the Australian shared that he runs another popular plant-based Insta account with 20K followers and counting, though he wishes to remain anonymous (the intrigue!).