How to keep a Poinsettia happy

One plant that says ‘Christmas’ is the Poinsettia. Many people don’t realise that it’s actually a Euphorbia! The scientific name is Euphorbia pulcherrima and it originates in Mexico. We need to keep this in mind so that, hopefully, we can enjoy it all year around!

Here are Jan’s tips when it comes to buying and keeping Poinsettias:


You should never buy a Poinsettia that’s sitting next to a set of automatic doors. Exposure to temperatures below 12°C will cause damage. Although it’s not visible at first, it may cause the Poinsettia to drop its leaves soon after being brought home.

If possible, check your Poinsettia’s soil before buying. Protect it from the wind and make sure to wrap it up in paper for the journey home.


Poinsettias don’t like a lot of water. Always remember that the plant’s root ball should neither dry out nor be drenched.


Poinsettias need warmth and light. It can be kept close to a radiator but it must be kept away from droughts (that means NO fireplaces, open doorways, open windows).

Just keep it somewhere that attracts daylight; a windowsill would work, so long as the window isn’t left open, and bear in mind its favourite temperature falls between 15 – 20°C, so it should be happy in most living rooms.


Remember that Poissetias are tropical plants that require maximum light, warmth, and humidity to survive.

While blooming, your plant will do best under these conditions: Poinsettias need at least six hours of bright, indirect sunlight a day.


Jan Robin

Jan Robin is a very passionate amateur botanist. Even though he graduated in chemistry, botany has always been his true passion. He is the proud owner of over 100 plants within his 60m2 apartment.

Jan featured on the cover of the Boys with Plants Book, 2020 Calendar. He is also on the Boys with Plants Icon holding some of his Pilea.

Jan also worked for 5 years at RTV Slovenija, during college, where he hosted a kids news show. He is a big fitness enthusiast.

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