Plant tips

Plant tips

Top 10 Plant tips for Summer

If you’re reading this, you and your plants (I hope at least most of them) survived the worst of the winter, have thrived in the spring, and are ready for the most fabulous season of the year: SUMMER!

Strong tropical sunshine bring us new growth, new possibilities, constant thirst, and all the surprises. Maybe the plant that you thought was not going to make it has baby triplets. Or the plant you thought you had isn’t that plant at all and when it starts growing it’s actually a plant you didn’t even know you needed (and now everyone on IG wants it). Maybe you’ve finally found the courage and decided to get your first plant baby ever. And just maybe, when you go buy that plant, you also meet the love of your life at the nursery. OR maybe the heat burns any shame you have and you fully embrace everything plants and even take them out for walks so they can get fresh air and water (DON’T LET ANYBODY TELL YOU THIS IS WEIRD!!!)

The end of spring and beginning of summer is also a time to prep your plants so they can thrive to their full potential. As you begin repotting, pruning, moving, propagating, spritzing, and doing all the things, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the most important tips there are for plant care and self-love.

Here are my top 10 tips for the Summer and the years to come.


Treat each plant like the living breathing life that they are. They’re not just there for the décor or to look pretty.


Give each of your plants names to build a lasting relationship.


When in doubt, don’t water. Water yourself instead, you probably need it more.


Get a general sense of what each of your plants need. But really get to know what each of them needs to thrive.


Don’t move  your plants around too much. It requires a lot of energy for them to re-adapt to new conditions.


Give your plant babies to the people you love in your life. It’s the best gift ever, and now they are part of your plant family tree.


Sit in silence with your plants. Be thankful for the air they are cleaning for you and for the joy they bring. Be grateful for your breath.


Talk and sing to your plants! They get lonely too.


If you’re new to plant parenthood. START SLOW. Don’t rush it. You can still have a lot of fun with one plant!


Enjoy the process! Enjoy your plant babies! You will probably kill some, but you’ll get the hang of it and help plenty more thrive.

P.S. BONUS TIP: If you stay thirsty, so will your plants. Drink up. Stay fresh and confident. Moisturize. And spritz away.


Deivid Rojas Jimenez Pacheco

Tropical #PlantDaddy and plant qween from Colombia/Miami/Chicago sharing my adventures and love affair with my plant family of 90+ plantitas and along the way helping plants/their dads thrive, destroying toxic masculinity, & saving the world one plant/poem at a time.

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