Pilea gift

Pilea gift

How I became the owner of a ten-year-old Pilea!

Life is full of interesting stories, one of them happened to me recently.

It was by coincidence that I visited a house of my grandmas old friend, Greti. She is a lovely elderly (85) lady who taught me how to knit. It was quite some time since my last visit, she was very happy to see me.

It was quite chilly outside so she invited my mother and I to enter the house. I will never forget the moment when I saw her… a gorgeous, at least ten-year-old, Pilea. She literary took my breath away. I have never seen such an amazing Pilea in person!

When Greti saw my amazement she started to tell me about the Pilea. She got her ten years ago with only five leaves. As she saw my interested in plants, she offered me some cuttings. It was now or never so I did not hesitate even a second, I asked Greti if she would be willing to sell it to me?

“Is it really that much that you want this plant?” she said.

“Yes, this would be the prettiest gift I ever received in my life!”

When this old lady saw the passion and longing in my eyes she exclaimed: “Then you should have it!”

My heart went crazy, I felt so blessed. I gave Greti a big thankful hug.

I think she will never understand how happy her kindness made me.

Because I wanted to keep that moment forever, I asked her if we could take a picture together.

I am so happy to be able to share it today with all of you, my dear plant lovers all over the globe. Many of you know that I am a #botanistbyheart who shares his apartment with more than 100 plants. It might be an interested fact that one year ago I did not even know Pileas existed. But today my collection consist of 10 Pileas, one of them is Greti’s very special gift.

Dear plant lovers, open your hearts and share your plants with someone who will know how to cherish them. My Pilea is your Pilea!


Jan Robin

Jan Robin is a very passionate amateur botanist. Even though he graduated in chemistry, botany has always been his true passion. He is the proud owner of over 100 plants within his 60m2 apartment.

Jan featured on the cover of the Boys with Plants Book, 2020 Calendar. He is also on the Boys with Plants Icon holding some of his Pilea.

Jan also worked for 5 years at RTV Slovenija, during college, where he hosted a kids news show. He is a big fitness enthusiast.

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