06. Nick

06. Nick

“I do daily ‘check ins’ to make sure all of my plants are in top condition and try to stick to a structured watering schedule.”


   Nick Cutsumpas, 26, Greek/Eastern European 

  Manhattan, New York, USA

  Nick, a Client Partner at Thrive Global, describes himself as a huge urban agriculture nerd. He grows edible plants in his apartment and lives a sustainable, plant-based lifestyle.

His favourite plant is the Bird of Paradise which is the perfect statement plant for starting an urban jungle. He also enjoys snake plants because they are so low maintenance and purify the air.

Nicks tip for healthy houseplants is that you can’t underestimate the importance of leaf hygiene. Big leaf plants accumulate dust which prevent them from absorbing sunlight, so once a month he takes a damp cloth and gently wipes off any residue. It can be a bit time consuming depending on the size of your plants but it is worth it to keep those leaves squeaky clean.

Nick says: “I’m a big fan of building out a plant corner in my space. I start with a large centerpiece plant and then surround it with medium and small plants to create that green oasis feel.”

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A post shared by Nick (@farmernicknyc) on

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