03. Mitch

03. Mitch

“Hoyas! I’m not a collector but they are just a classic beauty.”


   Mitch McDonnell, 27, Australian

  Fremantle, Western Australia

   Mitch has a degree in Biomedical Science but is fascinated by plants and loves learning as much as he can about them. His sister-in-law Hannah sparked his passion for them when she got him the job at Little Leaf Co and in a couple of years his collection of plants has gone from two to over 80. He continues to work there as a stylist and indoor gardener.

His favourite plants are the “classic beauty”, Hoyas. He thinks they deserve to be a statement piece in a beautiful hanging pot. His tip for growing Hoyas inside successfully is to ensure that they’re in a really bright room and are allowed to dry out completely between waterings. After a few years, he says, you’ll be rewarded with the most stunning clusters of star shaped flowers that smell amazing.

Mitch says: “Less is more! I see a lot of people who are new to having indoor plants overwatering and moving them around too often trying to find the best light (even into the sun *shudders*). This stresses the plant out and will stunt its growth further, leave it be and hold tight!”


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