42. Mikael

42. Mikael

“Don´t be afraid to try something that seems hard to grow because you can be the right person for it.”

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Mikael Johansson, 43, Swedish

Stockholm, Sweden

National Insurance Coordinator at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Favourites: Cattleya Orchids and my Strelitzia reginae

Mikael says: 

I have a lot of plants in the apartment but I really love orchids and I collect a species called Cattleya since 2004. At my boyfriend’s request for some variation, I recently started to buy other orchid species but my favorite is still Cattleya. I have around 50 orchids in total in the apartment.

I also love my Strelitzia reginae. I planted it from a seed about 15 years ago, and it has still not given me a single flower. I’m not giving up! I don’t mind though, I think the plant itself is also beautiful.

I live in Sweden where winters are long and dark so I make sure that my plants have a lot of extra lighting. I’ve installed numerous plant lamps that automatically turns on every morning. From time to time I give them a good shower in the bathroom. I also play a lot of Whitney Houston for them and it seems to help.

When you grow orchids you have to be patient. Some of them only bloom once a year and only if you give them the right conditions. Be prepared to wow your guests when you have a unique orchid blooming!

A tip is to visit all the botanical gardens you can when you are traveling. They are amazing for inspiration.

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