10. Michael

10. Michael

“My only hobby is plants, I travel the world feeding my fascination for this amazing world!”


   Michael Perry, 38, English Greek


  Michael refers to himself as the ultimate Plant Geek as his obsession with plants has been persisting for over 30 years and shows no sign of letting up. As a Plant Developer, he is responsible for introducing hundreds of new plants into the UK, most notably novelties such as the Egg and Chips plant and the Fuchsia Berry!

He’s also a TV Presenter with appearances on QVC across Europe, BBC and ITV as well as a keen social media communicator which he uses to find out more about what gardeners want from their gardening and plants, and shares advice with them.

Michael’s tip for caring for his favourite plants involves an innovative mix and blend of annuals, perennials and shrubs!

Michael says: “They need feed and water and love, just like we do!”

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