“Right now, my plants and I are listening to lots of French music.”


Matthew Scott, 26, Canadian

Montréal, Canada

Visual Merchandiser

Favourites: Pothos and trailing Philodendron. I love simple plants that grow fast! There’s nothing more exciting than watching them flourish.

Matt says: 

I love snapping pictures of my plants in front of a simple white background to really let the foliage stand out. Lately I’ve been into taking pictures of my plants all grouped together, and I’m enjoying the creative aspect that staging them brings.

I like to play music for my plants. I don’t think it helps them grow or anything, it’s mostly that playing music while I tend to them keeps things fun. Right now, my plants and I are listening to lots of French music.

Matt’s tips: 

Take lots of pictures of your plants as they grow! Even if you’re not going to post them, it’s so satisfying to see how much they’ve changed. But also, please post them. I love a good growth progression photoset.

Get a moisture meter! Mine was $10 and it takes so much stress out of my plant care routine. As someone who is still new to having lots of plants, I appreciate how easy it makes things. I can never tell with just my finger if a plant is ready to be watered, but now there’s no more guesswork!


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