Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

How to turn your Lucky Bamboo into Abundance Bamboo

Hi there! My name is Razin Yunos, indoor plant dad living in Singapore. Today I am going to share with you, how to turn your Lucky Bamboo into Abundance Bamboo.

Things you need:
  1. Lucky Bamboo Plant (Dracaena braunii)
  2. New Pot & Saucer (2 to 3 at least)
  3. New Potting Mix
  4. Scissor
  5. Plastic Sheet
  6. Binding Bands
  7. Garden Trowel (small shovel)
  8. Metal Pot with no holes at the bottom (to fill potting mix)
  9. Chopstick (Optional)


Find a place that is suitable to repot plants.

Use a plastic sheet to cover the area you are going to work. Unless you are ok with tidying up the place later, you can just get a table and a cozy corner like what I did.

Transfer new potting mix from bag to metal pot.

Fill ⅓ of new pot with new potting mix.

Step 1 – Take It Out

Get a scissor and cut the threads that’s holding the Lucky Bamboos together. You may not see all the threads now, but it’s ok as you can do this again in step 2 later.

Remove the plants from the pot. I use chopstick to push the plant from the bottom holes of the pot.

Step 2 – Separate Them

Once the plant is out from the pot, you can find the remaining threads to cut and separate them from the bundle.

Place the preferred ones in the new pots. You may lose some roots during segregation at which later you can propagate them.

Step 3 – Place them in small groups.

Tie at least 3 Lucky Bamboos together using a binding band and arrange them in new pots which are ⅓ filled with potting mix. I’ve placed 2 sets of 3 lucky bamboos in each pots.

Fill them with the remaining potting mix. Use your fingers and press down the soil to ensure the plants stand firmly in the new pot.

Step 4 – Water & Propagate

Don’t forget to water the newly potted lucky bamboos and propagate the (unused) remaining ones (where the roots got cut off during the segregation process in step 2). Place them in a jar filled with clean water.

Wait a few weeks till new roots are seen and repeat step 3 in a new pot.

This is how I turned my Lucky Bamboo to Abundance Bamboo.

You can check out the step-by-step video tutorial here.


Gong xi fa cai! Wishing you all a year of good fortune, abundance and luck!


Razin Yunos

Razin Lives in the sunny-humid island of Singapore and works in a company that helps achieve good and healthy indoor air quality for buildings using technology such as sensors and devices. He found out that the presence of plants can help improve the surrounding air intake which led him to adopting a few indoor plants for his home use, ever since. Razin loves to propagate and repot plants whenever possible.

"Indoor plants are easy to care and maintain, and with its benefit, I hope that I can inspire new soon-to-be plant parent."

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