Boys with Plants Book Launch

On Thursday, October 25, members of the Perth Houseplant Community, @boyswithplants followers and friends & family gathered on a warm Spring evening at Little Leaf Co to help me celebrate the launch of my book, Boys with Plants.

About sixty people came, drank Prosecco and marveled over the magnificent array of houseplants lit by exposed filament bulbs and fairy lights. They also, finally, got to see the book!

Photo: Jentina Thiangthae

Hearing peoples reactions to the book for the first time was exciting and gave me a lot of confidence. They were suitably impressed by the lovely selection of images, tips and information from the guys featured.

Thinking of something to say as I signed the title page was hard! If I knew the person well I wanted to say something meaningful and specific to them like Prune dead wood to make way for new growth but I still probably wrote the generic Happy Planting more often than I should have.

Photo: Dennis Tan
The Speech

When it was time for the speech I realised I hadn’t given any thought about what I needed to say! I talked briefly about the origin of the Instagram page and how it started and then how the book came to be. George wanted the salacious details about dealing with ‘difficult’ guys when I asked if anyone had any questions but of course I didn’t give anything away.

Then there were the thank you‘s which I nearly forgot (a very important part of any speech!) so here they are again, just to reinforce how grateful I am:

  • Thanks to Morrag and Rossie for letting me take over Little Leaf Co for the evening, it couldn’t have been a better, more appropriate location.
  • Thank you to Andy Schmidt for making delicious nibbles, they were perfect.
  • The photographers did an amazing job taking snaps (as you can see below) really beautiful! Thank you so much Ridwhaan, Dennis and Jen!
  • A huge thank you to my boyfriend, Robert, for supporting me, handling the drinks, organsing his friends to hand out food and ensuring my glass was never empty!
The Giveaway

I then had the giveaway to do! While speaking, Robert handed out envelopes to all the guests which they were not allowed to open. Anticipation grew and when it was finally time they opened them at once. Inside were a few Boys with Plants Stickers and one lucky person had a handwritten green bit of paper with WINNER.

Andrew tentatively put his hand up and came forward.

The Prize consisted of a Boys with Plants Tote (the only one in existence!), a Boys with Plants watering can, mister and plant pot with Golden pothos, a Boys with Plants T-shirt, Jungle Boys Mug and of course a copy of the Boys with Plants Book.

The evening couldn’t have gone more smoothly! People had a great time. They had drinks, bought books, chatted and schmoozed. I met  amazing new people, caught up with old friends and felt well supported by family. Thank you again to everyone who attended. Here’s to the success of the Boys with Plants Book!

Scott Cain / @TropicaLoco


Photos: Ridhwaan Moolla
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Photos: Dennis Tan
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Photos: Jentina Thiangthae via Green Form
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