36. Jorge

36. Jorge

“Have a meticulous observation of your plants and understand what each of their language is; let them tell you their needs and offer it to them with humility and kindness.”


Jorge Corona Lizola, 27, Mexican-American

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico / San Diego, California

Industrial/Product Designer and Urban/Landscape Architect

Favourites: Kalanchoe “Mother of Thousands” Kalanchoe daigremontiana, San Pedro Cactus Echinopsis pachanoi and Fittonia Fittonia albivenis.

Jorge says: 

I have a bachelors in Industrial/Product Design and started designing ceramic planters about three years ago. This gave me the idea to start a small business and a nature inspired product line with sustainable materials and manufacturing procedures that don’t harm the environment. When I started selling my planters, people also wanted the plants, then terrariums and some even entire gardens! Since I had a natural green thumb but no studies, I had read a lot about each species I was working with and this was just a wonderful thing since I was now merging my career and passion together.

From here my love towards plants grew even more and now I would love to further my education with a masters program someday as I am aspiring to be an Urban/Landscape Architect. I love what I currently do with designing gardens and styling people’s homes, but my dream is to design a park, beach or even a forest someday; how rad would that be?!

You can check out my product line & plant showroom here: and

Out of my three favourite plants, my star child is definitely the Kalanchoe. I pick my favourites not just by appearance but mainly by the behaviour they have. My Kalanchoe plant was one I really took for granted because aesthetically speaking, its not your typical “cute plant”. After caring for it and understanding what she was all about I understood why she was called the “Mother of Thousands”. These plants disperse hundreds of seeds with help of the wind and wherever they land and find some good soil, they will literally grow! Once they reach a certain age, they blossom these beautiful bell-shaped flowers. After doing some more research I found out that this species has also been used in some ways for cancer treatment as well. I am no doctor and don’t know anything about medicine but a plant with all of these magical characteristics is definitely a winner in my book!

Before acquiring a new plant, I first have to make sure that the ones I already have are happy and growing properly. You wouldn’t adopt a new puppy if you had another dog in poor condition to care for, would you!? Since each species requires specific care, I group my plants by the region they’re originally from. Living in Baja California I am so lucky to have all kind of plants around so I have my desert plants including cacti and succulents all together in an outdoor terrace so that they always get direct sunlight. My more tropical “indoor plants” used to live in my room but when they didn’t fit anymore, they got moved to another outdoor terrace with a gazebo I installed so that they would have the shade and sunlight they require. Grouping depending on the region of the plant is very helpful since most of them have a similar watering schedule.

As far as styling goes, I am an aesthetic freak but I don’t let this get in the way of my plants being well acclimated. Yeah I want them all to seem as photographable as possible but first I think of how they would be happy. How do my cacti live in the desert? Definitely not in clumps or shelves, so I try to utilise the space I have to give them a feel of their natural homes. On the planter and more decor side, I love using props that I have lying around at home that seem like junk but can get invaded by a plant and look beautiful. Being a product designer helps me see broken furniture, tyres and things that others consider as junk into something that can be reutilised and made into art.

Thanks and hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about this boy with plants!


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