What are the most important things to include?
  • Real plants that cover more than 50% of the image
  • At least one male-identifying human who looks over 16
  • Plants are the focus, the boy is a bonus


01. Do you have tips for the perfect post?

There are the occasional exceptions but generally, here are some tips:

  • We look for beautiful quality, sharp, colour and in-focus images
  • The image must feature BOTH boys AND plants
  • Plants should take up more than 50% of the image
  • Focus on plants which should be clearly defined and easily identifiable
  • Original image, nothing regrammed
  • No obvious filters (a slight colour correction or touch up is ok)
  • No white borders
  • No children or anyone we think looks under 16. If your a mum posting a pic of your child, we won't be posting it.
  • No camera selfies. If we can see the camera/phone in a mirror or it looks like you're holding the camera we won't choose the image (so, set up a timer or ask a friend to take the pic).
  • No cut flowers. No fake plants. Real, living plants only please.

We're always looking for something exceptional! We get 50+ submissions daily and many of them are perfect for the page but we can’t post them all — we’re looking for images with that extra 'something-something'.

02. How do I submit my pic to Boys with Plants?

Your account must be Public.

All you need to do to submit your pic is to tag your public post with @boyswithplants. Here’s how:

  1. When submitting a New Post, click Tag People.
  2. Search for ‘@boyswithplants’ and choose it.
  3. Tap on the photo to tag us. You’re done!

03. My instagram account is private, how do I submit a pic?

You can't. Please make your account public.

Errr, boooo, you guys suck!!!

Here's why...

Our process: When we see a great pic, we save it by bookmarking the post. We update our insta about two to three times a day with about eight hours in between. That’s a lot of posting! And when it comes time, we scroll through our saved pics and carefully choose one that we think would look great and work well next.

We get a LOT of submissions and many of them are perfect for our page. We have over 1000 already saved to potentially post, and save anywhere from five to fifteen new amazing pics daily.

For this reason, it’s become just too hard to flick between DM’s, emails, screen-shotted images etc and so, to streamline the whole process we will only be posting images from those we’re able to save on instagram and see publicly.

04. My picture qualifies – why haven’t you posted it?

Just because we haven't posted your pic yet, doesn't mean we won't.

We get a LOT of submissions and many of them are perfect for our page. We have over 1000 already saved to potentially post, and save anywhere from five to fifteen new amazing pics daily.

We just can't post them all. Chances are your great pic is amongst the many we have saved or it's possible that, even though it qualifies, we just didn't find it to have that extra 'something-something' we're looking for to post.

We hope you'll have another go!

05. What types of boys do you feature?

All of them.

  • We try to show a variety of guys from all over the world of every background.
  • Guys of colour, trans-men, all body-types and ages are welcome. Loving plants is truly a universal experience that brings us all together!
  • We also choose a variety of contexts — Boys in their plant-filled homes, in greenhouses and gardens, in forests and jungles, etc and with a variety of different types of plants.
  • You don't have to have a personal instagram page full of plant pics, one great pic with plants can be enough.
06. What's the best way to contact you?

It depends on what you're asking about but generally, please DM (direct message) us through instagram.

Please email us through the contact form below if:

  • You're interested in advertising in the next Boys with Plants Magazine
  • You're having any online shop related problems
  • You want to enquire about postage
  • Your item hasn't arrived yet, you're unhappy with the item you've received or you received the wrong item.
07. How do I become a Boy of the Week?

There is no way you can apply to become a Boy of the Week.

If you're tagging us in consistently great shots, show that you have an interest in plants and have been posted on the page a few times, we've noticed you.

Look out for a DM from us.

08. How do I appear in the next Boys with Plants Magazine?

Got an idea for a story for the next Boys with Plants Magazine? Please DM us through Instagram and we can have a chat about it.

Generally, though, we'll find great images from those we've already posted to fit a theme or concept and then ask your permission to use them. We'll never post your image without asking you first.

09. Who is behind this account?

It's really just me, Scott Cain or @tropicaloco on Instagram.

You can find out more by checking out the About page.

Please don't message me about Boys with Plants stuff on my personal Instagram page.

10. Is Boys with Plants a “Gay” instagram page?

Not at all. Let's not make this complicated, it's just guys in photos with plants. Their sexuality isn't something we take into account. We don’t ask or discriminate. All boys with plants are welcome to participate.

And, of course, anyone is welcome to follow, in fact, more than 50% of our followers are female. Enjoy!

11. Do you post trans men?


It’s hard to know for sure how many as some boys with plants wish to share they are trans and others don’t. We don’t ask or discriminate.

All boys with plants are welcome!

12. How can I date someone on your account?

We very clearly label the creator of the image, both in our caption and by tagging the image. Feel free to follow them, comment on one of their stories or send them a polite DM. You never know where it will go!

But don't be creepy and never send them an unsolicited nude pic, that's not cool.

Good luck!

13. Where would you recommend for me to buy plants?

We are a truely international page, guys with plants come from every corner of the globe and we try to include their location whenever we can.

If you see a boy from your part of the world with a plant that you like, feel free to send them a polite DM to find out what their recommendations are. They are the experts, far better than something we could put together!

Saying that though, read Paul Thompson's review of his favourite five plant shops in New York City.

14. Why don’t you allow people under 16 to be in posts?

Mum's tag their kids and babies in pics often. Stating that we don't allow people under 16 is a way to make it clear that this is not a page for kids.

There's also a somewhat 'sexy' nature to the page and we definitely don't feel comfortable mixing kids pics with that, and we don't believe our followers want to see that!

15. Why not more different sized guys?

We would LOVE to feature more curvy, thick, chubby guys! We get very few submissions from bigger guys. Please, guys of all sizes, read the tips above and submit! Being a bigger guy might just be that extra something-something we're looking for to get you to the top of the list.

16. What about more mature guys?

We would LOVE to feature more mature guys! We get very few submissions and even less submissions that fit in with our tips from older guys. Please, mature guys, read the tips and submit! Being mature might just be that extra something-something we're looking for to get you to the top of the list.

17. What about “Good Boys” (Dogs) with Plants?


There are other insta accounts that feature pets with plants. Boys with plants AND dogs is something we can get behind, though.

18. Why don’t you post more butts?

We have enough submissions to make this entire insta page just Butts with Plants but it's not about butts, it's about PLANTS, then Boys...

The occasional exposed bottom every few weeks is just a sweetener.

19. Why don’t you post less butts?

We support body positivity and normalising nudity but the page really is about the plants...

We have enough submissions to make this entire insta page just Butts with Plants if that was a direction we wanted to go down. But(t) it's not.

The occasional exposed bottom every few weeks strikes the right balance, we feel.

20. Why don't you post women?

When Boys with Plants started in October 2016 the idea of guys liking plants was subversive and unusual. The whole idea of an instagram page featuring them was something unexpected, truely original. We know it's become more mainstream now, partly from the popularity of this page, and for that we're grateful!

We reserve the right to stick to the original concept of the page and continue to only feature male-identifying people. If you're female and looking to be featured, there are plenty of other wonderful 'Girls with Plants' related pages. Have a look at Hello Plant Lady.

Want to know more?

If you have more questions that you really think belong in this FAQ, feels free to contact us and we'll add your question above.

Thank you!

Lastly, we very much appreciate all the amazing submissions and support Boys with Plants gets. Every tag, shout out and submission is greatly appreciated!