28. David

28. David

“Get creative with containers! Nice planters can be expensive so go thrifting and see what you can find.”


   David Jesse Daniel, 33, American (Californian!)

  Miami, Florida, USA

   Landscape Designer, David, loves all types of plants but especially the ones that you don’t see much, anything different. He enjoys everything lacy, airy, delicate. Fragrance or aromatic leaves is a huge plus for him and he tends to prefer foliage over flowers. And Palms!

David believes that the goal is to use plants that do best in the conditions you have. If you place them in favorable locations in which the plant can grow to it’s full potential you’ll find the plant can be easy to grow with little care. He also likes to regularly trim and preen them to keep them looking fresh.

David says: “Try to envision the potential of your landscape for the long term and be open to change and the inevitable. It’s always evolving.”



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