02. Cyril

02. Cyril

“I think that plants that trail are sexy too.”


   Cyril Sontillano, 28, Filipino

  Monterey, CA, USA

  Project Coordinator, Cyril’s favourite plants are mostly aroids like the Monstera deliciosa and Rhaphidophora tetrasperma. He says, styling plants to fit a particular look or mood can be fun. Most of his plants are in terracotta pots and some are in plastic pots which allows him to change their cache pots for a different look. Mixing “thriller filler spiller” plants in shelves or planters creates texture and a more cozy and warm space.

When caring for plants, Cyril ensures that he spot checks his plants at least once a day. He doesn’t stick to a strict watering schedule, instead adjusts according to the plant’s current needs

Cyril says: “The common cause of plants dying is overwatering. Stick your finger in the soil or use a moisture meter if you feel fancy. A lot of factors need to be considered including but not limited to, light requirements, soil type, type of plant be it a tropical one or a succulent/cacti etc.”


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