29. Chris

29. Chris

“It is scientifically proven that being around plants make you happier — the greater the variety, the better! So immerse yourself in plants, wherever and however you can. Simple.”


   Christopher (Chris) Thorogood, 35, British

  Oxfordshire, England, UK

   Chris is a botanist, artist and author with a penchant for weird plants, the weirder the better! Parasitic plants, carnivorous plants and epiphytic plants are his favourites. His windowsills are packed full of botanical oddities. He travels a lot so he chooses plants that can ‘look after themselves’ for weeks at a time. He has pots and pots of succulents which don’t need a lot of water and loves stapelias because of their gorgeous, fat velvety stems and their quirky, furry, starfish-like flowers.

Chris also loves creating little cloud forest ecosystems in glass jars — he recently made one with some warm temperate ferns, mosses and tillandsias. It’s a contained little green planet that he can gaze into for hours!

Chris says: “As a botanist, I’m fortunate to see plants growing in the wild in some awe-inspiring places for a living. This year I trekked across deserts in Israel looking at rare irises, and saw magnificent tree ferns, alocasias and orchids in the subtropical rainforests of southern Japan. Seeing extraordinary plants in beautiful places is an experience that is simply without compare.”



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