Subscribe and WIN !

Subscribe and WIN !

Subscribe to Boys with Plants Magazine for 2021 and go into the running to win the Boys with Plants 2021 Wall Calendar!

Since the release of Boys with Plants Magazine in May I’ve had many requests from readers for them to have a chance to subscribe.

Well, the truth is, making this magazine is a lot of work and I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to last for four more issues… but even after spending all weekend putting the final touches on the third edition, I can safely say there will be another year’s worth of editions and if you’re keen to subscribe, now you can!

With every subscription you’ll also have the chance to win our 2021 Wall Calendar. Just sign up before January 1st, 2021 to be in the running. Now that’s a whole year of planty goodness!

You (and/or your planty friend) will be posted each issue the day it’s released – you’ll be among the very first to have it. You won’t even have to think about getting in before it sells out because the magazine will be in your hands in no time!

When the Spring issue is released in February 2021 you’ll also receive a free Boys with Plants Enamel Pin, worth $10. Wear it proudly and let everyone know, you’re in the Boys with Plants Club.

Since I think it would make a great Christmas gift, as soon as you subscribe you’ll be able to download a free Greeting Card featuring Jonas Jackson, instantly. Print it out at home and give it to your planty special someone to let them know they’ll be getting the gift of a Boys with Plants Magazine Subscription for the year ahead.

Please be aware that this subscription is for all four Boys with Plants Magazines released in 2021 (Issues 04-07) and doesn’t include Issue 03 –December 2020.

Get one year’s worth of Boys with Plants Magazines for the discount price of $34!*

* Plus Postage and Handling. Four editions released in 2021. RRP $40. All prices in US Dollars.

The header image is a mock-up only and the actual magazines will look different when released. (They’ll look much better!)

Will it arrive by Christmas?

Will it arrive by Christmas?


As most of you know, I’m based in Perth, Western Australia, which means it can take more time than what you might expect when products are posted from here. However many of our products are ‘print-on-demand’ meaning that they are sent to production when purchased and sent from the country they’re produced in.

I’ve tried to give you a pretty good indication of how long our products will take to be delivered, below, but please be aware that all times are estimates only and there is no guarantee that they’ll arrive within the times indicated. Covid is real and disruption to postal services can easily happen without notice.

The following table is a guide to how long our products may take to arrive to different locations. Please note, each country in Asia, South America and Africa have different delivery times so please contact us for more information.

Alternatively, can I suggest a Digital Magazine, Magazine Print Subscription or a Gift Card?


Delivery Estimates

Print Magazines3-4 wks3-4 wks5-6 wks1-2 wks
Mugs3-4 wks2-3 wks3-4 wks4-5 wks
Tees2-3 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks
Art Prints2-3 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks
Underwear3-4 wks3-4 wks5-6 wks3-4 wks
Totes2-3 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks
Hats2-3 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks
Clocks2-3 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks3-4 wks
Pin3-4 wks3-4 wks5-6 wks1-2 wks
Sticker3-4 wks3-4 wks5-6 wks1-2 wks

* These times are correct for France, Belgium, Sweden however some European countries may differ so please contact us if unsure.

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200k Yay!

200k Yay!

The giveaway is now over. Congrats on all the winners!

To celebrate reaching 200k followers, we’re having a giveaway!

WIN: We’re stoked about reaching 200,000 followers on our Boys with Plants Instagram page so we’re giving away some fab prizes including the latest Boys with Plants Magazine and our brand new Boys with Plants Enamel Pin!

What you win:
  • Boys with Plants Magazine (Choose Issue 01 now or wait until September for Issue 02)
  • Brand new Boys with Plants Enamel Pin
  • Boys with Plants Sticker Set
  • A US$45 Boys with Plants Voucher to spend on anything in the Boys with Plants Shop. Choose an art print, tote, mug, underwear or even the Boys with Plants Clock!

BONUS: We will also give away ten of our brand new Boys with Plants Enamel Pins!

How to win:

Just like this post, follow Boys with Plants on Instagram and tag a friend in this post letting them know why they’ll love Boys with Plants!

The competition will go for exactly 3 days from the time this pic is posted. The winners will be chosen randomly and will be announced within twelve hours from the time the competition closes.


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  • You must be following Boys with Plants on Instagram.
  • You must have liked the above post.
  • The plants and pot are just to make the picture more beautiful and aren’t part of the prize. Sorry, we can’t post plants from Australia!
  • Instagram is in no way affiliated with this competition.

Good luck!

67. Dustin

67. Dustin

Introducing the boy in our new social media icon, Dustin!

Thanks for taking this image especially for us Dustin! We love it!!!

“I definitely get my green thumb from my mother.”


Dustin Burks

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Hair Artist

Favourites: Tropical indoor plants.


65. Lefteris

65. Lefteris

“Entering my jungle-flat feels like entering a sanctuary; a shelter with all the essential green vibes you need to relax and re-bond with nature!”


Lefteris Anestis, 25, Greek

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

PhD Candidate

Favourites: Apart from the Monstera and Pilea which are everyone’s favourite because they are so fun to grow, my new favourite plant is the Strelitzia nicolai (Giant Bird of Paradise) because it’s such a statement plant that gives my flat an ultra-tropical, jungle look.


A note about International Postage and the end of the world…

A note about International Postage and the end of the world…

Postage delays aren’t fun for anyone.

As you know, the world is not the same now as it was at the beginning of 2020. The aspect that makes it particularly tricky for us (Boys with Plants Admin, which is really just me) is with international postage.

Currently there are large delays. Most of our items are manufactured in the US and get sent directly from the US so when posted to the US it’s not so bad. This can cause issues with countries outside the US of course and I urge you to contact me if you’re package hasn’t arrived.

Our latest item, however, the print edition of the Boys with Plants Magazine is coming from Perth, Western Australia (where I’m based). It’s only letter sized so in normal circumstances it would be popped on the next plane and arrive in a few days…

But. One or two planes flying a week right now doesn’t leave much room for postage, so it’s going via ship. This takes 7-10 days to arrive at it’s destination and then some countries are not dealing with shipments for weeks when they arrive, meaning that our poor little Boys with Plants Magazine will sit in a shipping container for a while before it gets rescued and delivered.

Other countries like Brazil and South Africa are not accepting international postage at all. If you’d like an update on the current status of your country, you might like to look up your local postage service or feel free to contact us and we can have a look for you.

All this is the reason why the print edition of Boys with Plants Magazine – Issue 01 is very limited edition… so if you don’t mind waiting for a bit, go ahead and buy it. You’ll be one of a few people in the world that actually have one!

Ok, it’s not really the end of the world, I was just being dramatic.


64. Rafa

64. Rafa

“If you kill a cactus, you are a bad person…”


Rafa García García, 39, Spainish

Asturias, Spain


Favourites: My favourite plants are cacti and succulent plants. I like it Astrophytum, Copiapoa, Lithops, Mammillaria and Gymnocalycium.


Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Boys with Plants Magazine!

I’m currently putting together a Boys with Plants Magazine. It’s a completely independent publication with no association with the previous publishers of the book and calendar.

A limited number of magazines will be printed, it will also be available for digital download. The magazine will be full colour, 64 pages and A5 landscape in size (210 x 148mm or 8.3 x 5.8in) which means it will be ‘letter-size’ and much cheaper for me to post from the most isolated city in the world, Perth, Western Australia.

The magazine will have feature articles written by members of the Boys with Plants Community and include plant tips and tricks, book reviews, plant travel recommendations, interior styling with plants, how to start a plant-swap in your community and much more. There will also a section called Ask Cory Paul? If you have a question for Cory Paul, please ask it here.

A gallery of guys with their plants, a bit like a print version of some of the best images from the instagram page, featuring all types of guys from different backgrounds, ages and body shapes will also be included.

I’m very open to suggestion. If you have an idea of something that you think would be great in the magazine or would like to contribute, please let me know!


My intention is to find a limited number of appropriately planty ads to help pay for the print (which is VERY expensive!) to keep costs low and maximise the quality. If you’re interested in finding more about advertising in the Boys with Plants Magazine, please contact us with the subject ‘Advertising’.