04. Alex

04. Alex

“I enjoy the journey of plants, the life they bring to ones home.”


   Alex Michael, 27, American

  Portland, Oregon, USA

  Fedex Delivery babe and part time plantdaddy, Alex, believes that decorating a home is such a personal experience and adding plants to your home brings so much energy and life. Monstera deliciosa, Euphorbia ammak and Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ are his favourites. His tip for keeping plants is just to give them love! He talks to them, tells them how pretty they are and waters them when the soil feels dry. He recommends providing excess amounts of bright indirect west light for most of his houseplants and direct sun for his euphorbia.

Alex says: “Remember, they’re just plants, they will be just fine. Take your time, learn about your plant and keep an eye on it closely. You will receive the love you put into it. Enjoy your green babies!” 

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