What is Boys with Plants?

Boys with Plants started as an Instagram account that re-posts images of guys with plants and has grown into a world-wide phenomenon!

For tips on what we look for when choosing guys to post, please read ‘Tips’.

So where did it all start?

Proud plant nerd Scott, aka TropicaLoco on instagram, started Boys with Plants in October 2016 and since then, among others, it’s been mentioned in the LA Times, Washington Post, Metro UK, Elle Magazine NL and Buzzfeed. Check out Media for more.

Listen to the podcast Ep. 33 Monstera 101 with TropicaLoco on Bloom & Grow Radio to hear Scott ‘come out’ as the secret curator of Boys with Plants.


TropicaLoco on Instagram


Profile Image Credit

Our social media profile image is of Jan Robin and photographed by Tibor Golob.
Thanks for taking this image especially for us Jan and Tobor!